Children and the Holy Spirit

holy_spirit_skyBook: Redefining Children's Ministry in the 21st Century
Author: Becky Fischer
Chapter 9: Children & the Holy Spirit

Premise of the Book: We have a crisis in the modern and postmodern church concerning ministry to children. According to George Barna, 70% of the children we have raised in church will leave the church as young adults.

Chapter 9 – Children & the Holy Spirit
Becky Fischer asserts "it is imperative that the baptism of the Holy Spirit goes to the very top of the list of things needing to be changed in the way we currently minister to children." From my [Brian] point of view, this is an incredibly bold statement. Becky demonstrates, from her perspective, the fundamental need of being filled and speaking in tongues and why it's essential for the supernatural lifestyle.

She suggests that preschool is the best time to introduce being filled in the Holy Spirit. This is assuming, of course, you have given these children ample opportunity to receive Jesus as Lord.

She has noticed that when you wait too long to introduce being filled by the Holy Spirit, it becomes very challenging. There are three points surrounding the issue: 1. For so many years they have watched others do it without figuring out how or why they do it. 2. They see it primarily as an adult activity and have gotten used to the idea that it's not for them. 3. There has been no priority on it in their children's services.