Eli! Eli! I'm Calling You to Children's Ministry!

5-foldBook: Redefining Children's Ministry in the 21st Century
Author: Becky Fischer
Chapter 5: Eli! Eli! I'm Calling You to Children's Ministry!

Premise of the Book: We have a crisis in the modern and postmodern church concerning ministry to children. According to George Barna, 70% of the children we have raised in church will leave the church as young adults.

The main thrust of this chapter is two-fold:
1. To encourage the senior pastor of a church to take interest and get involved in the children's ministry. Becky has noticed that when the spiritual father of the house is mentally and emotionally engaged with the children of his church, the children are more spiritual healthy, on fire, and secure in who they are in Christ. When the spiritual leader of the house is absent, then the opposite can usually be observed.

2. To recognize the call to children's ministry. Becky was "tricked" into doing children's ministry because there was simply no one else who wanted to do it. With a kind of righteous indignation, she took on the task and stumbled upon her destiny. Becky also openly wonders if some senior pastors, missionaries, and five-fold ministers might have missed the call to children's ministry considering 1/3 of the world population is less than 19 years of age (I'm assuming she has noticed less than 1/3 of five-fold ministers are ministering to children). Lastly, she discusses what many churches would look for in hiring the ideal children's pastor. Many churches tend to look for clowns, puppeteers, good entertainers, or great administrators who like kids. She challenges churches to hire a person that walks in some type of five-fold ministry. Her reasoning is that children need to be equipped for ministry, not just entertained and managed.


Wow, Brian, I really

Wow, Brian, I really appreciate your notes on this book! I don't have time to read it, but I can sure get the jist of it by reading your summaries. Thank you for doing this.