Memory Verse - Devotional - Matthew 7:7-8

Matthew 7:7-8
"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."

Instead of writing a devotional this week, I'm going to give you an excerpt from John Wimber's book, Power Healing. It's one of the many first-hand stories of God using people to heal the sick today:

In 1983 I [John Wimber] had an experience in Goteborg, Sweden, that illustrates the power of touch. I was speaking (through an interpreter) at a four-day healing conference in a Baptist church. There were 300 people in attendance, and for the first two days they were quite reserved, not demonstrating much of a response to my teaching. On the third day of the conference I sense that God wanted to heal a woman in the audience who had cancer in her left breast. I said, 'I believe God wants to heal a woman who has cancer in the left breast.'

Immediately a lady in the balcony stood up and said that she had been interceding and fasting several days for a woman in San Francisco who had cancer in her left breast. Her appeal was eloquent and compelling, but I sensed that the woman for whom I had the word of knowledge was in the audience. So I said, 'This is not what the Lord is doing at this moment.' I then said 'This woman is in the room now. Only this morning she was released from the hospital. She is sixty years old [I cannot remember her exact age today], and she is seated directly in front of me and slightly to the right.'

In response, a woman in a dark, full-length wool coat stood up and said in Swedish, 'It's me, it's me.' I asked her to come forward for prayer, and as she did I asked for volunteers to pray for her.

Three men from the first row came forward, two standing behind the woman and one in front of her. I asked the woman if she would mind folding her hands over her breast, and allowing one of the men to put his hands on her hands. She agreed to do it. (I ask permission to lay hands on people to show respect for their personhood.) The men behind her placed their hands on her shoulders. Then I stepped back and told them to wait for me to pray.

But before the interpreter could give them my instructions I felt a faith command welling up in me, and I yelled in English, 'Be healed in the name of Jesus.' Hardly had the words left my mouth when the power of God came down on all four people; they began shaking and were knocked off their feet to the floor! It was as though the healing power of God went into the woman and out into the three men, or vice versa. The interpreter was so overwhelmed that she began speaking to me in Swedish and to the audience in English! All four rose weeping and praising God, the woman later reporting her healing.

John Wimber, Power Healing, pp. 196-197


These words strengthened me.

These words strengthened me. Im in fast and doing prayer even though being in office. Few things touch heart as God's hands on us...Praise the lord!!!