Musicians & Children's Ministry

children_worshipBook: Redefining Children's Ministry in the 21st Century
Author: Becky Fischer
Chapter 7: Musicians & Children's Ministry

Premise of the Book: We have a crisis in the modern and postmodern church concerning ministry to children. According to George Barna, 70% of the children we have raised in church will leave the church as young adults.

Chapter 7: Musicians & Children's Ministry
In this chapter Becky emphasizes the power of worship music to bring children to the throne of God, as well as, making an appeal to those gifted with music to consider the call to Children's Ministry.

Becky has facilitated worship times during Children's Church that have been very powerful. When children have been taught how to worship and why we do it, it's not uncommon to see children get lost in the presence of God. When we show them the meaning behind certain physical positions, such as kneeling or bowing, waving flags, dancing, and raising our hands, worship becomes a prophetic expression or spiritual warfare.

Becky has noticed that letting children experience adult worship is good, but it's it only takes them so far. When the worship songs get redone with fewer lyrics and more repetition, the song becomes easier, familiar, and children can be taken into God's presence with less resistance. We need not make the songs babyish in our attempts to make it more accessible.